Do you recognise me?

I went to a work reunion the other weekend for a job I left eleven years ago.
Nobody recognised me.
I pulled up this photo – still no recognition. It made me feel very strange inside.
The Laura in that photo was a brunette. She was thinner. She had VERY short hair. She had three small children and a very busy life. She was happy in many ways but had no sense of self worth.
She had lost herself. Completely.
She was mum, wife, friend, daughter.
Somewhere in that period she lost sight of being Laura – not for anyone else but just for her.
She had no energy, no time, no space for herself or indeed any awareness that she should carve out those things just for her. She was in the dark.
This photo was me in Part One of my life.
I live gloriously in Part Two now.
I know who I am.
I know what I want.
I know what I’m capable of and I am damn well going to get it.
I am confident, self assured, positive, settled, happy and fulfilled.
It wasn’t an easy journey from one stage to the other, in fact at times it felt like it would consume me but I’m so far out the other side now that those distant days of feeling lost are just, well, a memory.
Your life is exactly that – yours.
If you are stuck, trapped or unhappy doing what you are doing then allow your mind and your thoughts to explore what would make you happy instead. Allow yourself to believe. Allow yourself the permission to live the life you have always dreamed of.
It’s out there waiting for you – I promise.
I’ve got just the thing coming up which will help you start that thoughtwork – keep an eye on my socials in the coming week. 
Oh and if you want to see the photo? Click here

We all have to start somewhere

When we want to do something new in life, we all have to start somewhere.
So if you want to lose weight, no matter what your overall goal is you will start by losing a pound or two.
When you want to decorate a room in your house, you have to make a lot of mess before it looks better.
When you want to try a new recipe, it always takes you longer the first time you do it because it’s new and unfamiliar.
I took the decision to close my pretty large Facebook group in order to start a new group, The Dream Life Collective, which is truly aligned to my new direction as a coach. It was a big decision and currently with 18 members it feels small. But it will grow, just like my other group did.
Last week I also marked 1500 downloads of my podcast. When I launched it earlier this year I was thrilled when I had ten downloads. Now to have 1500 makes me appreciate the progress, the snowball effect, the cumulative impact of regular episodes and downloads.
Why am I telling you this?
Well because in the early days of anything new it can be really easy to give up when we don’t get the immediate success that we crave. But if we could just stick with it, if we grit our teeth and keep going, if we believe in ourselves and our mission and keep working at it well, guess what? Success will come.

Meet Laura Cruise: The Dream Transition Mentor

I am so excited today to finally share my brilliant news with you!

For the past few months I have been working behind the scenes, exploring my work as a coach and identifying who I want to work with moving forward and how I can help my clients to achieve real success.

Since I launched as a coach I have worked with women on their confidence. Their self belief. Their self worth. I shone a light on my clients and all their brilliance so that they could grow that inner confidence.

I built on that a year ago, by focusing on helping women in Part Two of their lives to build the confidence to put themselves first. To explore what makes them happy in the second part of their lives. To believe that they had the right to make changes that were 100% about them. To create their dream life.

I’ve loved it – but something didn’t feel right.

I struggled to put my finger on it, but there was something missing from the work that I did.

Over the past few months I have spent a lot of time working on what that ‘thing’ was and a few weeks ago I found it!

That’s right, I found the missing piece in the puzzle. It felt absolutely brilliant and still does.

The reality is that in order for women to lead their dream life they have to work for themselves. They have to be their own boss so that they can set their own agenda, design the life that they want and feel fulfilled and in flow as a result. They have to be able to make their own decisions and set themselves free. It’s so empowering!

So today I relaunch my business and rebrand myself as Laura Cruise: The Dream Transition Mentor.

I am the creator of the six step Dream Transition Method.

I help professional driven women who feel stuck, trapped and unhappy at work.

I help them to gain total clarity on their unique strengths and gifts so that they can create the self belief, confidence and the practical steps to transition from corporate.

Where do they go?

They start their own wildly successful freedom based business, allowing them to have more flow, fulfilment and live the life of their dreams.

How do I do this?

My signature system, the Dream Transition Method, is the key to it all. 

My method, combined with my coaching skills and your willingness for change will take you on the journey you have always dreamed of – the one that leads to true life satisfaction.

Good, huh?

My mission is to help women the world over to set themselves free, to get unstuck, to use their gifts and strengths to build the business that really lights them up inside.

So let’s get started! Complete the contact form on my Let’s Talk page. 

Stop the self pity

Are you a fan of a pity party?
You know, when you feel so fed up about one thing that you start feeling fed up about something else and then before you know it absolutely EVERYTHING in your life is terrible and you want to hide under a rock?
Misery loves company. Your brain wants to find similar thoughts to connect with, so whilst you are on that negative journey it’s adding more fuel to the fire.
Don’t let it!
Even when you are feeling super fed up, remember this:
😕 every day is only 24 hours
😕 not every day is a good day
😕 but there is good in every day
😕 try to find something small to focus on which makes you feel good
😕 then try to draw other positive thoughts in too
😕 be kind to yourself 🤍
Coaching is a fabulous way to look at your life in a super positive way. I’m signing up one to one clients for September, want to be one of them? DM me!

You can't change other people

💣 T R U T H B O M B 💣
You can’t change other people.
Have you tried?
It’s exhausting, right?
You can’t make somebody do something they don’t want to do.
You can’t make somebody act in the way you want them to act.
You can’t make somebody feel something they don’t feel.
You can’t make somebody change if they don’t want to change.
But, you know who you can change?
You have the power to change your outlook, your attitude, your goals, your lifestyle, your priorities, your day to day life and your future.
You have the power to change all of that.
You can make change happen so quickly when its focused in the right area.
So the next time you worry about how you can get somebody to change, save your energy and make some changes to you instead. It’s so much more satisfying!
I can help you to identify the changes you need to make. Let’s talk!

Do the scary stuff!

Friday thought ☁️
How do you feel about scary stuff?
I don’t mean the super scary stuff like spiders 🕷 rollercoasters 🎢 and wooden lolly sticks 🍭, I mean the averagely scary stuff.
😬 Like putting yourself into an entirely new situation
😬 Speaking your mind with confidence
😬 Walking into a room of strangers
😬 Making changes in your life so that you can be truly happy
😬 Standing up for you, always
These things can be incredibly difficult – but you can build the confidence to get over them. It just takes a little practice – I can help!
I’m talking all about doing the scary stuff on today’s episode of my podcast, go have a listen!

Be more Rick

I got last minute tickets to see @officialrickastley last night and he was so brilliant!I told my 12 year old what I was doing, and said ‘oh you won’t have heard of him’ but he said he had and asked if I was going to get Rick Rolled 😂 (Google it if you aren’t aware of that phenomenon).

The thing I like most about Rick Astley is this:

✔️ he knows what he’s good at, and he is really good at it too
✔️ he knows we all want to hear Never going to give you up but his set was varied, interesting, current and was a brilliant build up to the finale
✔️ he seemed genuinely pleased to be back performing again after COVID, and he was really lovely to the audience
✔️ he said he’d put on a few pounds in lockdown but he didn’t care – he was rocking a pink suit and looked brilliant
✔️ he said a few times that he was 55 and he would do what he wanted (Highway to Hell on the drums 🥁) but I really got the vibe from him that he is a man who is comfortable in his skin, confident in who he is, willing to put himself out there and try new stuff but equally knows his audience like the old stuff. He’s great live and it was a wonderful return to live music again.
✔️ he looks happy, really happy

So today, I challenge you to be a bit more Rick. Wear the pink suit. Sing a heavy metal song. Don’t worry about those lockdown pounds. Stop over thinking. Start doing the things you haven’t been able to do because of the pandemic. Enjoy what you do and know that people love you for who you are.


Get Confident Now: The Workshop

You know sometimes when you read a post written by a coach and you think ‘well that all sounds great but I don’t think that working with that person is for me’, let me ask you why you think that?
I’d like to suggest that often that thought comes from a place of nervousness, from fear, from a worry about fitting in, maybe even from a lack of self worth.
So if you have read about Get Confident Now: The Workshop which takes place on Saturday 21st August but you aren’t sure about it, let me tell you that it’s perfect for you if…
🙌🏻 a lack of confidence is stopping you from stepping into new situations or experiences
🙌🏻 you struggle to say how you feel or give your opinion
🙌🏻 you feel trapped in your comfort zone but you want to escape
🙌🏻 you want to change your life but you can’t see a way out
🙌🏻 you aren’t confident enough to say no when you don’t want to do something so find yourself agreeing regardless
🙌🏻 you struggle to speak publicly or to new people
🙌🏻 you read my content, resonate with what I write, and would like to work with me FACE TO FACE!! 🤩
🙌🏻 also, you like cake
This workshop is going to be so powerfully uplifting, you will have shifted your mindset around your confidence and will be ready to take action!
Spaces are limited so bag yourself one today.

My Dream Office

When you want to make something happen, it takes time.
As humans we are impatient, and want everything right now.
But often the joy you get from something you have worked hard for and which took some time is greater than the fleeting thrill of the immediate.
I have dreamed of having my own space for the last couple of years.
And here she is!
This is my office. My dream office. My sanctuary and space which is just for me. My dream come true.
Watch how she became a reality here

Look After You

On Saturday I spent the morning in hospital, having more exploratory tests done on my….bowel. Yep, that’s right my bowel.
Jeez you might be thinking.
There’s no need to talk about ‘that’!
But there is, there really is.
For the last three years I have had issues in that department, and of course, because the subject is so *sensitive* I didn’t tell anyone about it. Who wants to talk about that side of things?
Not me.
So I suffered in silence, not knowing what was going on with me and feeling hugely self-conscious about my bloated tummy, my apparent inability to process food and my general uncomfortableness.
A friend of mine runs a colonic irrigation business so I went to her for some help – not telling my partner, not telling my friends, I snuck round there and hoped nobody would spot me. My friend told me that a lot of her clients feel it’s very cool to talk about the fact that they have that kind of treatment.
Not me I said.
Fast forward another nine months and I was sitting with a lovely consultant with my partner in the room, having to talk about things that were so personal to me that I just wanted to cry. I still hadn’t shared with any of my friends that I was having issues because, well, it’s just so personal.
I’d already had a scan to see if I had ovarian cancer and that had come back clear. I was told I have a lovely womb though so that was a special – and dare I say unique – moment.
Anyhoo, the consultant was wonderful and said he would investigate further and I had an endoscopy and a colonoscopy. That basically means a tube goes top and bottom and aside from a small section in the middle of my body blocking it, it would almost have met.
I didn’t like it, it was uncomfortable and I felt somewhat embarrassed but it revealed what was wrong with me after all. The relief was huge.
Why am I telling you all this?
Well because so often we suffer in silence. We keep quiet. We are embarrassed and afraid and so we put our head in the sand and hope for the best. That could cost you your life.
I was lucky, on Saturday I finally had the all clear as nothing sinister was uncovered by my fourth procedure. I can’t tell you what that felt like. I’m a mum, a step-mum, a wife and a daughter. I need to be here.
If I hadn’t been brave enough to tell my GP that something wasn’t right I would still be suffering now.
I am sharing this now because if one person reads this and gets checked out and it saves their life then my *slight* embarrassment about sharing my experience was worth it. So worth it.
Look after you.
Put yourself first.
Place you at the forefront of your life.
Sign up to my brilliant webinar, Become a Confident Dreamer by clicking here

The Power of Journaling

This week I was so happy to write a guest blog for the brilliant home organisation company, Homefulness. 

Read the article by clicking here

Who coaches the Coach?

One of the things I did this week was to work with a coach. Does that surprise you? As a coach I know the tools and techniques to help my coachee identify their outcome, set goals and then create a plan to reach them. 

The truth of it is that although I know how to do it and am hugely experienced in coaching others, it is not always easy to coach yourself. It’s too easy to not get to the heart of the issue and to ignore the truths which are waiting to be uncovered. So I spent a brilliant 90 minutes with a business coach who is helping me shape how I work in the service of my clients in the future. 

Did it help? Yes it really did! I’m clear, I’m focused, I need to reflect some more but I am really sure about the direction I want to take going forward. It’s freeing to stop pondering and move to action. 

If this sounds like something you need help with then please get in touch. We can arrange a discovery call to establish how we can work together. I can help you get super clear! 

New Year, New You! 

2021 is upon us and to get the year off to a great start I have been having a series of conversations with the fabulous Helen Bowden. Click the links below to watch each webinar:

Dream Big


Being Seen

Positive Mindset

The Your Dream or Mine with Laura Cruise Podcast is here!

I am so thrilled to launch my brilliant podcast today, 5th February 2021. Listen each week to be inspired by the stories of others and my reflections and tips about following your dreams! 

Listen here!

Working out what I really wanted to do

When I first embarked on my journey into the world of working for myself I was full of ideas for how I could build my business.
🗣 I could offer corporate group training sessions
📚  I could be an L&D freelance consultant (that’s learning and development 🤓)
🌎  I could coach – everyone, everywhere, on every topic
🖊  I could write training content for corporate clients
💍  I could help corporate businesses engage their employees
💃  I could coach individual clients
This all seemed so exciting! So full of possibility! So freeing!
Except it wasn’t, because it’s very hard to spread yourself that thinly, too be all things to all people, to be a master of all – but without a focus on anything in particular.
When I coached myself, and looked deep inside me, I realised that it is working with individuals that lights me up. It is working with women who want to feel more confident that makes me shine. That working with my clients in either a one to one or a group setting is the pathway that enables me to help my clients get the best results.
So last week I spent time updating my website for the third time and now it is so much more me. It’s so much more about what I do, who I am and who I can help. It tells you – my ideal client – how I can help you.
Go take a look then get in touch to tell me how I can help you 🤩