Hello, and welcome to my world.  

Ten years ago I left a marriage which no longer made me happy and started a new chapter of my life, with my three small children as my priority. 

In the subsequent years, I have been on the journey of my life – understanding who I am, what I stand for, what makes me truly happy and how I could achieve the freedom, flow, fulfilment and fun I craved.

It hasn’t always been easy! I was a single mum for a while and the juggle of work, my children, my studying, having time for me, as well as nurturing my new relationship was pretty tough. I have often struggled with my mental health and am very open about those battles. There is no shame in finding it hard to cope. 

Deciding to leave my corporate role to work for myself in 2020 was a huge leap of faith but one I have never, ever regretted. I am happier than I have ever been because I am in the driving seat of my own life – I choose when I work, who I work with and what work I do, and I do (most) of it with a huge smile on my face.

My podcast, Your Dream or Mine, is one of my favourite parts of my business. Each week I inspire my listeners with either a guest interview with a female entrepreneur who has already made her dream come true or a solo episode where I give you practical and motivational advice to get you started on the journey to your dreams.

Dream as if it's already done my friend!

Listen to me and hear these words:

You CAN have what you want. 

You CAN make changes and be happy

You CAN live the life of your dreams. 

10 fun facts about me

Favourite tv programme:

90 Day Fiancé

Favourite food:

Carbs in any form

Favourite place to visit with the husb:


Favourite form of exercise:

BodyPump and BodyCombat

Most famous person I’ve ever met:

Richard Branson

Favourite colour:

Do you even need to ask?

Best day of my life:

The days my children were born

Favourite best way to spend a day:

Laughing with family and friends 

I’m Laura Cruise, also known as The Dream Transition Mentor™.

My mission in life is to help you create the life you've always dreamed of, the one that gives you freedom, flow, fulfilment and fun. 

Ten years ago I created my own dream life transition and I can honestly tell you that I am at the happiest point of my entire life - let me help you do the same.

Enough about me, here's what I can help you with

Confidence & Self Belief
If you want to make your dreams a reality you have absolutely got to believe in yourself first

Holding the space for you to dream
Life is so busy that we often don't get the time or space to truly think and explore our own thoughts and dreams

Lightbulb Moments
Learn more about yourself as we explore your thoughts and your dreams, and see how amazing you really are

Get Moving Forward
Stop waiting and move forward now. Making plans is one thing, putting them into practice is something different!

I felt at ease talking to Laura and could easily open up about the range of topics we covered. As my sessions progressed, I felt a difference in myself and how I felt – more positive and brighter. By the end of it, I felt like a different person with real direction on my next steps. I would definitely recommend Laura to anyone. You’d struggle to find a better coach!"

Imagine waking up each day feeling excited because everything you do in that day has been chosen by you.

Imagine choosing who you work with, what work you do and when you do it.

Imagine being in control of every aspect of your life. 

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