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Podcast #186 - Take the risk or lose the chance with Natasha Page

Podcast #186 - Take the risk or lose the chance with Natasha Page

May 31, 20242 min read

Your Dream or Mine Podcast

My guest on this episode is Natasha Page, a psychotherapist who I met at an event last year. It's so nice to interview somebody that I have actually met in real life!

I loved our conversation, Natasha and I have some similarities in our life journeys, and it is fantastic to hear how she retrained and created the life that she had always wanted.

Check out Natasha here, read about her therapy boxes here, and sign up to her newsletter here.  She's got a book coming out in July 2025 so you definitely need to connect with her! 

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I am Laura Cruise, The Dream Transition Mentor: best-selling author, coach and mentor, podcaster, keynote speaker, and the inspiration for women the world over to create the life of their dreams.

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