The best part of any job I have ever had is the people – finding out who they are, what switches them on and what they want to do with their life.

During a fifteen year corporate career I trained, developed and coached hundreds of colleagues in retail, hospitality and the weight loss industry and so enjoyed witnessing people blossom.

When I made the move to working for myself, I knew I wanted to continue helping people to be at their very best, which is what Laura Cruise Coaching is all about. 

I can help you build your confidence and self belief, identify future goals and dreams and help you work out how to achieve them. I can help you believe that you can have all the things you dream of in your life, that you can be happy and fulfilled, and that you can put the focus on to you. 

Whether you want to work with me in a group environment or on a one to one basis, I just know I can help you become the confident woman you have always wanted to be. 

Let’s get started!

what can I help you with?

Confidence & Self Belief

If you want to make your dreams a reality you have absolutely got to believe in yourself first

Unwind your busy mind

Life is so busy that we often don't get the time or space to truly think and explore our own thoughts

Lightbulb moments

Learn more about yourself as we explore your thoughts, and recognise all your brilliance

Get moving forward

Making plans is one thing, putting them into practice is something different!