I’m Laura Cruise, also known as The Dream Transition Mentor ™

I am the creator of the six step unique Dream Transition Method ™

I help professional driven women who feel stuck, trapped and unhappy at work.

I help them to gain total clarity on their unique strengths and gifts so that they can create the self belief, confidence and the practical steps to transition from corporate.

Those women start their own wildly successful freedom based business, allowing them to have more flow, fulfilment and live the life of their dreams.

My signature system, the Dream Transition Method, is the key to it all. 

My method, combined with my coaching skills and your willingness for change will take you on the journey you have always dreamed of – the one that leads to true life satisfaction.

My mission is to help women the world over to set themselves free, to get unstuck, to use their gifts and strengths to build the business that really lights them up inside.

Let’s get started!

what can I help you with?

Confidence & Self Belief

If you want to make your dreams a reality you have absolutely got to believe in yourself first

Unwind your busy mind

Life is so busy that we often don't get the time or space to truly think and explore our own thoughts

Lightbulb moments

Learn more about yourself as we explore your thoughts, and recognise all your brilliance

Get moving forward

Making plans is one thing, putting them into practice is something different!