Episode 75: When is the right time?

When is the right time to make a change in your life?
When is the right time to start your own business?
The answer is – now is the right time!

If you are waiting to be in the right frame of mind, the right age, the right headspace, the right weight, in the right house, the right economic climate, have the right amount of money etc…..I’m here to tell you that all of those reasons are excuses and you are using them to keep yourself stuck.

You might read this and say ‘well Laura that’s easy for you to say’ but I do speak from experience as I left my corporate role as the pandemic first landed. You might argue that was not the right time…but how would I know any different?

The fact is, I made the decision to start out on my own and I committed to the journey – and I am so glad that I did! The rest, as the cliche goes, is history. 

Enjoy the episode!

Episode 74: Choosing your dreams over a drink with Karolina Rzadkowolska

I recorded this episode ages ago and so to listen back to it today when I was editing it made me remember what a great interview it was and is!

My guest Karolina Rzadkowolska is an alcohol free coach who helps her clients to choose their dreams over a beverage. If you have ever wanted to explore what a life without alcohol would be like then this is the perfect episode for you. Her enthusiasm, clarity and euphoria about not drinking will inspire you!

if you are inspired by what Karolina says about giving up drinking, check out her new book: Euphoric: Ditch Alcohol and Gain a Happier, More Confident You at www.euphoricbook.com or via her Instagram page.

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Episode 73: What type of dreamer are you?

I’m so excited this week – I reckon you’ll be able to tell by the energy in my voice! In this week’s episode I talk about my brilliant new quiz, What type of dreamer are you?

I love a personality based quiz, it reminds me of being a teenager. So my new quiz will help you to ascertain what type of dreamer you are:

The Fearful dreamer
The Jaded dreamer
The Tomorrow dreamer
The Closed dreamer
The Action dreamer

Take the quiz and let me know which dreamer you are by posting the result on Instagram and tagging me in – here’s the link! Keep an eye on your emails too as I’ll be sending you more information about how to change your dreamer mindset!

Episode 72: You don't have to be an expert at everything with Jasmine Wythe

This week (OK it was ages ago that I recorded this but it’s out this week) I talk to Jasmine Wythe of Fold Me Close pizza, a gorgeous, artisan style pizza business, all delivered out of a vintage blue van called Pam.

Jas joined one of my confidence workshops last summer when she was trying to decide whether to leave her corporate role and join her partner Pete in the business he had created during lockdown. After the workshop she went away with a fire in her belly and not long after was working full time in the business, enabling it to grow even more quickly than it had before.

Our conversation was really powerful, not least because Jas reiterates that you don’t have to be good at all of the things, and you certainly don’t have to be an expert at everything to get started. You’ll learn along the way, plus you will find great people to help you.

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2. Check out Fold Me Close on Instagram – you’ll be drooling at the pizza photos.

Episode 71: The Dream Life Business Club

This episode is a bit manic because I am still on a high from the launch of my new venture, The Dream Life Business Club, which took place this morning.


A room full of female business owners who want to Connect, to Learn, to Grow and to Enjoy.

In this episode I talk to you about why I decided to launch it, how I am re-imagining networking and how I have created a safe space for women to blossom.

If you are local to Ampthill and you’d like to join us for the next session it’s on 21st July – join us by clicking here!

Episode 70: Get curious with Tamsin Williamson

This week I interview Tamsin Williamson,  aka The Parenthood Coach, who helps mums to combine parenthood with running their own business and to actually enjoy it!

Like many female entrepreneurs, Tamsin returned to work after having a baby and soon realised that the corporate world didn’t really work for her any more.

She did some work with a coach, loved it, decided to get curious about the concept of coaching, ended up setting up her own business – and has never looked back.

I loved our conversation as it made me think about my own experience as a mum to small children, when I had no idea that you could work for yourself and earn the money you need to support your family. I was still so wedded to the idea of traditional employment – how I wish I had met Tamsin back then!

Find out more about Tamsin on Instagram or on her website.

Episode 69: There is always more

There is always more…..of everything! Do you believe me? 
It’s true!

There  is always more. More money. More time (used in the right way). More energy. More enthusiasm. More clients. More sales. More opportunity. More people. More calories. More sales. More of everything.

I’ll tell you what there isn’t more of – and that’s you.

You are unique. You are amazing. You are brilliant.

There is only one of you and you owe it to yourself to put yourself out into the world.

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Episode 68: Take control of all the bad shit that has happened to you with Ali Harris

I recorded this episode such a long time ago but as I edited it today I had a huge smile on my face as I listened to Ali. She’s bloody brilliant.

I met Ali when she became my therapist.

Yes I had a therapist. No I’m not ashamed of it. Yes she was and is amazing.  

Ali helped me to pull myself out of a very dark hole and I will always be grateful to her for that.

Ali is straight talking, funny, direct and honest about her own life, her business journey and how she helps her clients – I love her approach.

You can find Ali on Facebook, in her group and on her website.


Episode 67: Why you need a business bestie

I’m just back from a strategy overnighter in Margate with my business bestie Zoe Holland of Zing Learning and I am feeling so focused, so energised and so excited about all that is coming in the next year for both myself and my business.

We did a lot of talking, a lot of laughing, a lot of drinking (oops) but also a lot of planning and strategising. It was just what I needed as I come out of my covid fug.

We recorded a podcast episode while we were there to explain why it is so important to find a business bestie. Somebody who understands you, your business, can empathise with the struggle but who can also celebrate your successes.

I feel so fortunate to have a number of business besties but not all live in the UK so to have Zoe nearly on the doorstep and to be able to hang out IN REAL LIFE was a dream.

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Episode 66: Finding my purpose with Lisa Unger

My guest today is Lisa Unger, an amazingly inspirational woman who in her mid fifties embarked on a three year diploma to train to be a Nutritional Therapist.

Prior to that she had not found her purpose in life, and the course for her was about learning, fun, purpose and connection.

Whatever your age, this episode will inspire you to get out there and do the thing you have always wanted to do – in Lisa’s words it was ‘the best experience’. See more of Lisa’s work on Facebook,  Instagram, her Facebook group Weight loss behaviour change for women or her website.

I really hope you love this episode, I know I loved my chat with Lisa. If you did enjoy it please subscribe and leave a review – a five star one would be much appreciated!

Episode 65: Covid and me

Hello my fellow dreamer!
This week you can listen to a very nasal me talking about how Covid has hit me hard. If you’ve had it I feel your pain. If you haven’t had it I really hope you don’t get it!

Working for myself gave me the freedom to be poorly with no guilt, no worry and no expectation. When you work for somebody else it is often the guilt that makes us return to work before we are fully recovered or ready.

So if you’d like to talk to me about how you can create the freedom to live your life on your terms then drop me a line!

Have a look at the YouTube video of last weeks episode with Lisa Johnson too, it’s a cracker. Click here to watch it.

See you next time my fellow dreamer….

Episode 64: It is definitely not out of reach with Lisa Johnson

In this episode I interview the fabulous Lisa Johnson, THE passive income strategist, creator of the hugely successful One to Many ® programme and the host of the Making Money Online podcast. Sometimes when you hear people talk about what they do you can feel a bit ‘yeah yeah’ and wonder if what they are saying is true. Having worked with Lisa on two of her programmes, been part of her membership and having met her in real life I can tell you she is absolutely the genuine article.

In this episode we talk about the myth of having to work hard for your money, the juggle of children and business, the huge and swift growth of her business and how she mixes Primark with Gucci. I loved our conversation and I know you will too – remember, success and making lots of money is definitely not out of reach! You can find Lisa on Instagram and on her website, plus listen to her podcast here.

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Episode 63: Freedom, flow, fulfilment, fun

Do you have freedom, flow, fulfilment and fun in your life?

I do!

I call these the four F’s and I aim to help my clients to achieve them in their own lives, whatever that looks like.

In this week’s episode I explore what they mean to me and why they are so important.

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See you next time my fellow dreamer…..

Episode 62: Expect the best outcome with Loren Bartley

In this week’s episode I talk to Loren Bartley, an Australian entrepreneur and business owner and also a good friend of mine for more than twenty years. 
Loren and I first met in Singapore in the late 1990s and despite not living in the same country for the majority of the years since then, our friendship has continued.

Loren is a phenomenal entrepreneur – enthusiastic, engaging, excited about what she does and an amazing innovator and creator. 
See more of what she does via her website. You might also like to check out the Click Engage Convert Academy her fantastic digital marketing academy. I’m in it and I absolutely recommend it.

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Episode 61: Your inner voice

Have you got an inner voice? Is it a nice one? Does it treat you well?

Often, our inner voice is the thing that keeps us stuck, keeps us playing small, is the thing which stops us from making the changes we want to make.

Our inner voice can stop us from pursuing our dreams!

In this episode I talk to you about how you can get your inner voice to work with you not against you. 

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Episode 60: Trust where you are right now with Dr Jemma Andrew-Adiamah

My guest today is the wonderful Dr Jemma Andrew-Adiamah, a Coach and Doctor who helps women to reclaim themselves once they become a mum.

We discuss how easy it is to get lost when you become a parent, and can feel your self confidence drifting away. Jemma believes that we need to get better at trusting where we are right now, as we all have different seasons in our lives.

If you like what you hear then go and find Jemma on Instagram and her website.

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Episode 59: Reaching your potential

Have you reached your potential?
Have you grown and developed to the highest level of your potential? Of your talents? Of your skills?
Reaching your potential can sound very business like and quite formal but in this episode I explore how you can re-frame what that phrase means and own it on your own terms.
You get to decide what your potential  is, what the rules are, what the measure is and how far you want to go. And you know what? The more you push yourself to achieve your potential, the more potential opens up before you.
You are amazing and you can achieve anything!
If you’d like to sign up to my self guided study programme, What’s your story? Click here

Episode 58: Learning as you go with Griselda Soames

I’m just going to put this out there, I LOVED recording this episode!
Today I talk to Griselda Soames of the gorgeous Enchanting Bakes – a marketing agency using the medium of biscuits.
We discuss wanting different things from your life as you get older, what your own personal currency of success is and how when you work for yourself you have the luxury of learning as you go.
Griselda’s enthusiasm for life, for biscuits and for her business is infectious – we didn’t stop talking for nearly two hours with a recording squeezed into the middle!
See some of Griselda’s gorgeous biscuits here and on her website.
After we recorded our conversation she sent me some of my own gorgeous biscuits – see them here. I can vouch for them tasting as delicious as they look!
Remember: biscuits make everybody happy.

Episode 57: Things we cannot change

Life is a bit of a rollercoaster at times, and we can find ourselves getting bogged down by things that we ultimately cannot change.

In this episode I talk about the importance of making the distinction between things we can and can’t change, but also to try not to fear what ‘might’ happen, because none of us can see into the future.

You will never transition into your dream life if you let all those what ifs hold you back.

So listen to me encourage you to push past those things and stay focused on your mission.

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Episode 56: You're never going to know unless you try with Katrina Fouracre

My guest today is Katrina Fouracre of Cariad Creative, who teaches online business owners how to confidently create their own WordPress website to generate more sales.

But that’s her on a work level – her personal story of how she overcame years of mental health struggles combined with motherhood and a fear of germs and dirt is well worth the listen. 

Katrina’s story is a brilliant one and I hope will show you that you can create the life you dream of on your own terms. Powerful stuff!

Listen to the episode here.

You can find Katrina via her Facebook group, Website SOS for Small Businesses and on Instagram.