You’re a business owner and you're making all the money you dreamt of when you first started out.

But are you?

Are you feeling stuck working long hours without seeing the financial rewards you deserve? You're not alone.

In the first years of your business it can be easy to fall into the trap of being super busy, but not actually making any money.

Have you ever worked out what your hourly rate is after costs?

If you are turning over good money but not being able to pay yourself a decent amount, that’s a problem.

Is it a money problem or a mindset problem?

Well I think it’s both.

It’s a money issue in the sense that you need to charge more for what you do, but it’s a mindset issue in the sense that you don’t currently believe you can ask for those higher amounts.

That’s where I come in!

Hi, I'm Laura, The Dream Transition Mentor™ and it is my mission to help my clients to achieve the freedom, flow, fulfilment and fun they have been dreaming of – sometimes for years. 

I've seen so many business owners struggle to confidently price their services, which leads to frustration and a lack of financial security.

This is the solution!

Unlock Your Earning Potential:

Introducing The Accelerator

The Accelerator is your personalised roadmap to breaking through pricing barriers and commanding the fees which will make your business a success.

Here's what you'll gain:

✓ Confidence to Charge Premium Rates

Overcome limiting beliefs and develop a rock-solid value proposition.

✓ Laser Focus and Clarity

Learn to prioritise effectively and free up your time for what truly matters.

✓ Ongoing Support

Weekly coaching calls and dedicated WhatsApp support on weekdays to address any mindset roadblocks and keep you moving forward.

Ready to make more money than ever in the next

three months?

The Accelerator is a twelve week commitment at £3500.

Take action today and take advantage of the beta price.

It will be the best investment you make this year!

I’m Laura Cruise, also known as The Dream Transition Mentor™.

My mission in life is to help you create the life you've always dreamed of, the one that gives you freedom, flow, fulfilment and fun. 

Ten years ago I created my own dream life transition and I can honestly tell you that I am at the happiest point of my entire life - let me help you do the same.

Want to hear what my clients say about working with me?

Laura has really helped me focus back in on the confident, real me. After a few months lost in other people's negativity and perception, I have finally taken control and am creating new opportunities without the fear of what other people will think”

Working with Laura has allowed me to rediscover who I am through recognising my daily positives, to finding out what’s important in my life and what makes me happy”

Laura asks thought-provoking questions and brought new ideas into the mix that I hadn’t even considered. She genuinely cares about helping people and she’s got an innate ability to get into the tricky things with ease and kindness”

Laura has a brilliant understanding of how to help you understand more about what it is you really want, helps you achieve your goals, and gave me ideas of how to push myself forward that I wouldn’t have thought of myself”

Meeting Laura has been eye-opening. She instantly makes you feel relaxed and is extremely encouraging. I like her authentic natural style which suits me. I don’t feel judged and know I can achieve my goals and do anything I want to do”

Got questions? Let me answer them!

How much does it cost to sign up to The Accelerator?

The Accelerator is a twelve week commitment at £3500.

Take action today and let's get started.

Are the sessions taken on a weekly basis?

The sessions will be weekly.

Where will the sessions take place?

We’ll do a call each week on Zoom to keep you on track, plus you’ll have WhatsApp support during weekdays.

I'm scared! I've never done anything like this before

I get it! It is scary when you first start your coaching journey but you will settle into our coaching relationship in no time.

I'd love to work with you one-to-one but I can't stretch to The Accelerator

Come on over and join me in The Dream Life Academy! I created it so that my clients could access me in a group setting if they didn't have the budget for one-to-one coaching.

Join me – let me take you on a journey to that life you have always dreamed of.

It will be so worth it. 

Laura x

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